Zuleikha faults Jumwa for demeaning ODM SG

JumwaKwale county woman representative Zuleikha Juma

Kwale county woman representative Zuleikha Juma has faulted Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa for snatching a microphone from ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna at a burial in Malindi.

Sifuna was explaining the reasons ODM expelled Jumwa from The party. The incident took place at Jilore village during the burial of Edward Kingi who was the father to Mombasa deputy governor William Kingi.

Juma said the incident was completely disrespectful and meant to cast ODM in a bad light. 

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“It wasn’t just against the SG it was against the image of the party.

Politicians make all manner of statements in funerals, what does respecting Mijikenda have to do with political statements? Aisha Jumwa doesn’t have a monopoly on the Mijikenda,” she said. 

In a statement to the media the legislator said that if Jumwa thought the SG had said something offensive, she should have sent him a note or gone and whispered to him instead of taking away the microphone.

“Why take the microphone from him? Since she had already asked him to stop talking about the Party? She could have let him continue with any other points he wanted to make,” added Juma

The incident she said was made to make ODM look bad and look like a Party that doesn’t respect culture.

“It is also a plan to pit the Mijikenda against ODM. I don’t even think it’s Aisha’s idea. I believe she is being taught to propagate that type of discourse,” she said. 

She added that as peace loving Kenyans, “the majority of us are behind the handshake efforts between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to bring cohesion between the different tribes of Kenya”.

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  1. Mama Aisha was right Sifuna haezi kututambia nyumbani kwetu,

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