Zani asks Aisha to stop dragging Raila’s name to her woes

Agnes Zani

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Deputy Secretary General Agnes Zani has asked Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa to respect party leader Raila Odinga and delink him to her woes.

Zani said the party’s decision to expel Jumwa over her misconduct democratically arrived at and done within the dictates of the party’s constitution.

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She noted that the constitution clearly stipulates provisions for kicking out a member deemed to be insolent.

“The party top organs sat and listened to Jumwa’s submissions and consequently made a decision about her fate. Insinuating that Raila is chasing out women from the party is a lie because ODM has structures and we respect them and we would like other people to respect the structures as well,” she said.

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She added that Jumwa had indisputably violated the party’s constitution by exhibiting interest towards another political party which warranted disciplinary action.

Jumwa defended her support towards DP William Ruto by insisting she was following Raila’s footsteps in the spirit of the handshake.

While acknowledging the role Jumwa played in the party, Zani challenged her to leave harmoniously if she feels she was accorded an unfair hearing and treatment and warned that hurling insults at Odinga would only damage her reputation.

Jumwa got a temporary reprieve after the Political Parties’ Disputes Tribunal suspended her expulsion.

The tribunal stopped the expunging of her name from the ODM membership list and ordered for an inter-parties hearing.

“We have practiced a lot of restraint in this matter but we want to make it very clear and tell Jumwa that you are one of us but if you feel that the time has come for you to join other parties us being democrats in ODM all we can say is go well and in peace but please respect our party leaders and those who do,” she said.

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