Why the call for coast unity is a fallacy [Op Ed]

Dabaso declaration

Over the years, the Coast region has overwhelmingly been voting for the opposition.

During the Orange vs Banana referendum, the region has been speaking in one voice. The trend has continued to the last general election in 2017. Again the region went for Nasa.

So the Six Billion Dollar question is …. Are the people of the Coast united? The resounding answer as seen in the practical examples at the ballot box is YES they are! The Coast region is very united and this resolve cannot be cast in doubt.

There has been voices that have been persistent that the coast needs a unity of purpose! What purpose? Which other unity do they need to see other than that unity the region has exhibited over the years at the ballot?     

The purported unity of purpose calls and initiatives remain suspicious because they have continued to spend foreign money towards that amorphous objective of coast unity.  There are several thesis that can be made about these initiatives.

 One that stands out is that they are meant to divide the already existing unity of the region for the singular purpose and pleasure of some unscrupulous politicians and failed professionals and wanting academics to continue the marginalization of the region.

Dabaso declaration and the coast unity

A few self-centered leaders who have been detailed by the enemies of the RG Ngala spirit are hell bent to divide the coast to continue in order to perpetuate the hegemony of those who never believed in Majimbo in the first place.

The muggers of the coast unity were first exposed in 2016 in the run to the Malindi by-election. These guys metamorphosed to become the TUMEHAMA ideologists. In order to understand the Tumehama ideology we need to revisit the Jubilee sponsored Dabaso declaration.

coast unity

In the Dabaso declaration the whole of the Coast region and its leadership was pulled to a camouflaged homecoming party of the then Kilifi North MP Hon. Gedion Mungaro at his father’s home in Dabaso. During this event a declaration was crafted that the Coast will unite to form own party. This idea was picked, celebrated and packaged as the will of the people of the Coast.

This Dabaso brigade belonged to different political parties, majority of whom were CORD affiliated and the Kilifi North MP himself being the parliamentary Chief Whip of CORD coalition.

In the lull of time it was discovered that the proponents of this Dabaso declaration were actually hirelings of the Jubilee Party trying to create a weak point in the chain in order to break the unity of purpose and replace it with a unification with the sinner.

The declaration came a cropper and new efforts to form a coast based party emerged and several options led by the Mung’aro appeared. This fruitless journey ended when the Malindi by election was pronounced.  While it was very obvious that the proponents of the coast party would rally and support a candidate on a local party ticket the same guys showed their true colors.

The Tumehama ideology

They unashamedly pronounced themselves Jubilee members and started to vigorously campaign for the Jubilee candidate under the TUMEHAMA rallying call.

The TUMEHAMA ideology is not new in the minds of the people of the coast and it has been regretted before. RG Ngala under the TUMEHAMA ideology joined Kanu in 1969 and by 1972 before he died regretted that move.

The late Karisa Maitha a natural successor to Ngala in the political matrix of the coast epitomized opposition politics at the coast and eventually arrested and underwent trial over the Kaya Bombo fiasco.

Later on he joined NARC through the Democratic Party of Mwai Kibaki and during his last days he pronounced it plainly and clearly that never again will the coast region support some political outfit with certain individual from certain region being in-charge.

Mugogo Karisa Maitha went to be with the Lord after that.

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Raila Odinga, the doyen of opposition politics in Kenya remembers the betrayal of a Tumehama type in the infamous MOU in the NARC regime.

MOU which was never honored by those guys that some muggers of the coast unity are proposing. Indeed, the TUMEHAMA ideology is being spearheaded by the muggers of the coast unity which for a few pieces of silver and government protection from prosecution on offences that they have committed against the very same people they purport to hamisha. The people of Malindi as a representative corpus of the coast region sent a deafening message to all and sundry.

President Barack Obama in an address to congress in 2009 said this “We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it’s easy, when it is hard”

The people of the Coast must continue to honor their ideals which have painfully been drawn from their history, heritage and traditions. The Moi thinking that we must belong to government for us to benefit from development projects is long dead since Moi left power.

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Development is a right under the new constitution and an MP has to fight for development in the august house. “The future rewards those who press on and for us at the Coast we must press on and dump the Tumehama ideology! We must remain united where we belong and those busy searching for Coast unity are wasting time for the coast is united.

In the words of J. K Rowlings in her book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire “we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”

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