Why Mike Sonko wants to sue the star over HIV status

Mike SonkoNairobi Governor Mike Sonko

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has demanded an apology from the Star publication, over a story they published alleging that he is HIV positive.

Through his lawyer Cecil Miller, Sonko threatened to sue the company should the paper fail to publish an apology acceptable to him.

In a letter to the Star Publications, Miller said the article not only showed that the governor was an immoral person suffering from HIV but also as a fugitive who escaped from lawful custody.

“The publication has inflicted great prejudice to and has caused our said client extreme damage to his otherwise good reputation as a businessman and community leader especially as the elected Governor of the County of Nairobi,” states the letter from Miller and Company Advocates.

He said that the publication had caused the Governor public ridicule, scandal, odium and contempt.

Sonko claims he was not contacted to give his side of the story.

He wants the story retracted and apology given similar prominence to the original publication.

“The malicious and spiteful statement were published without inquiring into the truth or falsity and counter-checking with our clients on the issues published,” read part of the letter.

In the story, the star claimed that Sonko once escaped from Shimo la Tewa and was re-arrested in 1999.

Criminal Application No. 80… by on Scribd

“He was sentenced to serve 12 months imprisonment in respect of each count to run concurrently. He is now remaining with about three months to complete the sentence. The applicant has been distinguished as an HIV positive patient and this has been confirmed by medical evidence on record,” the Star quoted a judgement

The Nairobi governor has not made public his HIV status

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  1. If it is discovered that he lied to get freedom then he might find himself in jail again. Perjury is a crime.

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