Vulnerable families accuse leaders of selfishness


A section of vulnerable communities in Mombasa county have lashed out at political leaders on claims of pursuing their selfish interests amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The locals note that most of them (political leaders) have terribly failed to deliver their promises to their electorates prompting most families to rely on relief food from donors and well wishers

Speaking to the Jumuiya News in Mombasa at the Mombasa Cement Relief food distribution centre at Kibarani, Elizabeth Nyamvula hailing from Changamwe said some of the elected leaders have not shown in to their electorates since they were voted in during the last general election.

“Most of them are selfish. That is why we come for this food aid three times a week,” she noted.

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The mother of seven says she lost her job immediately after the government imposed lockdown in some counties within the coast region.

Mary Atieno (not her real name) said there is a need for the county government to cushion vulnerable families with relief food.

According to her, thousands of families within Mombasa county are living below the poverty line and are in dire need of relief food.

“We are in a second wave of the coronavirus and both the national and the county governments have done nothing to alleviate hunger in this country,” Atieno lamented.

At the same time an official who spoke on condition of anonymity pointed that the firm provides relief food to thousands of vulnerable families.

The official notes that the families are drawn from not only the six sub counties of Mombasa county but also Mariakani town in Kilifi county.

“We are faced with some challenges, especially in controlling this huge population. But after the end of the day we have to ensure that everyone is served,” she noted.

The official says everyone getting into the distribution centre should adhere to all guidelines including sanitizing, wearing face masks and maintaining social distance.

Another source who did not want to be mentioned because of security reasons said the economy dwindled immediately after covid-19 struck.

The source indicated that no politicians has responded to the needs of their electorates since they were voted in the last general election.

“No one, not even our local member of the county assembly, has assisted us with relief food. They have failed as leaders,” said the source.

The families further blamed the government on claims of misappropriating COVID-19 funds.

President Kenyatta during his state of the nation address early this week called on Kenyans to adhere to the laid down protocols to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

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