Vitengeni to get a police station as crime rate soars

VitengeniGanze MP Teddy Mwambire during the groundbreaking of Vitengeni police station

Police in Ganze have asked residents to volunteer information in time to curb the rising cases of insecurity.

This is after a group of alleged Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) members set base in the area and the matter was reported weeks after they left.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Vitengeni Police station on Monday, Ganze sub-county police commander Timothy Muasya said timely reporting of incidences will enable the police to act promptly.

“We had to pick some chiefs for interrogation because a matter like that cannot happen in your area and you fail to report. We combed the area and warded through the water in the caves but it was too late. Had people reported the matter on time we would have made arrests. We do not know the motive of their exercise but it certainly is not good,” said Muasya.

Muasya said the police station will addressing the security challenges in the area.

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It will be the second police station in the sub-county after Bamba police station.

“I understand there is bad blood between the police and members of the public. There are channels for your concerns to be addressed. Before taking your frustrations to the social media kindly report them to me and I will make sure it is addressed,” he said

Muasya also advised the youths against the lynching of the elderly.

“If you murder your parents you place a curse on yourself and there is no one who can convince me otherwise. The elders are fountains of wisdom. Try making peace with your parents and you will be blessed,” said Muasya.

Apart from the killings of the elderly, on suspicion of practising witchcraft, a group of seven youths has been sneaking into homes and rape elderly women.

The group has also been accused of stealing livestock.

The police station is being built through the Ganze NG-CDF at a cost of Ksh 10M.

Ganze Member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire said other youths had to come back home to guard their homes against the rapists.

“They used to sneak into the homes and they always had coconut oil which they use as a lubricant to rape the grannies mostly widows who no longer engage in sexual activities,” said Mwambire

The group started in Malanga and later went to Mwahera.

“Some youths had to forego their jobs in Mombasa and Kilifi to come and guard their grannies. You can imagine what would have happened if the two groups met face to face.

Kitsao Karisa Leso said the police station is long overdue. He said the division has for long been under the mercy of criminals.

“in the late eighties and early nineties, we had the shiftas who used to terrorize our villages. We were forced to sleep in forests for fear of being attacked. When the shiftas stopped the attacks, our sons and brothers started engaging in criminal activities by killing the elderly and stealing our animals. This project is meant to provide us with security,” said Leso 

Leso said witchcraft is used as an excuse but many elderly people are killed by family members who want to inherit their property or to dispose of their land and buy motorbikes.

“We have people who do not want to toil but they want money. They ask their fathers to buy for them motorbikes to do bodaboda and when they object they brand them as wizards the result is they are murdered in cold blood and the land is sold thereafter,” added Leso.

The MP also led a groundbreaking ceremony for five classrooms at Misufini Primary school.

He later led another ceremony for the groundbreaking of abulution block at Jila Secondary school.

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