Veteran broadcaster Gladys Erude is dead

Gladys Erude

Veteran broadcaster Gladys Adisa Erude has passed away.

News of her death was shared by her son who Sly Erude on Facebook.

He posted a photo of his late mother and explained that Gladys passed away on August 4, 2021 at 4:30 pm US time.

According to him, Gladys Erude has been suffering from cancer and heart disease for some time.

Gladys Adisa Erude worked as a broadcaster for KBC for 25 years. She started when it was known as Voice Of Kenya.

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She started as a teacher after graduating from Kenyatta University. She was teaching at Tigoi Girls’ High School.

She tried her luck when VOK announced vacancies for broadcasters. She was successful and changed professions.

Erude retired from KBC in 2001 and ventured into the production of commercials for 7 years and in 2008 travelled to the United States to live with her children.

Her husband died at the age of 24, leaving her with four children. She bought land and built herself a home in Nandi County after the death of her husband.

He has left six boys and four of them living and working in the United States.

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