Unearth all Chang’aa dens, Kisauni village elders told

Chang'aa Local administrators, community policing officials and peace committees chairpersons pose for a photo at the Dog Unit Coast Mombasa

Village elders in Kisauni Sub County have up to Thursday next week to present a list of names of all Chang’aa brewers and unlicensed bar owners operating in the area to the office of Kisauni Assistant County Commissioner.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa, Kisauni Assistant County Commissioner Benjamin Kiprotich said chang’aa has become a menace insisting that the government will not relent in the war against it.

Said the ACC “I’m giving village elders in this sub-county to present to me a list of all Chang’aa brewing dens and unlicensed bars. It is now a challenge here,”

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He also revealed that the government is following up on a new brew called ‘sendule’ which residents have in the past few days forwarded complaints to the authorities on.

According to him, the new brew is sold at a throw-away price and damages the liver.

“I have also learnt of a very new brew in the brewing market called ‘sendule’. This, locals say, has very negative impacts on the user as it damages the liver,” he explained.

The ACC further warned all unlicensed bar operators adding that they will face the wrath of the law.

The ACC further issued a stern warning to all unlicensed Boda Boda operators.

“We cannot allow underage and unlicensed Boda Boda operators. They shall be dealt with per the law,” he said.

At the same time, Bamburi Assistant County Commissioner Pamela Akinyi gave an ultimatum of two weeks to all Boda Boda riders without the required tools of trade saying it is against the law.

She notes that underage Boda Boda operators without valid documents helmets and reflectors will be arrested.

“We shall enforce this directive two weeks from now. The law does not allow underage motorcyclists,” she noted.

She, however, lauded the operators in the area for their efforts in ensuring the prevalence of peace and security.

“Recently we held a meeting with Boda Boda leaders. We agreed that they give us a list of all the stages, their names, the number plates of their motorcycles. This is to ensure that we identify all of them,” said the ACC.

Kenya Community Support Centre programs officer Kibwana Hassan said some Boda Boda operators have been associated with a series of crimes in the area.

He, however, says there is need for a collaborative approach in addressing the issue of insecurity in the area.

“The community has a responsibility to ensure that that peace prevails. We also should bring parents on the negotiation table so that they can address this concern,” he noted.

He wants parents to actively play their roles in ensuring that their children stick to moral behaviours in society.

Meanwhile, Bamburi location Chief Athman Fondo said it is the responsibility of village elders in the area to ensure that there is maximum security.

He says the joint effort is key in ensuring that security and peace prevails.

“We should act as role models. We have a responsibility to ensure that there is adequate security in our area,” he noted

He, however, noted that chang’aa brewing is a serious challenge in the area.

Jimmy Kenga, a community policing personnel, cites bhang and chang’aa as the most abused drugs.

He, however, reveals that minors between the ages of 13 to 16 are addicted to ‘Mugokaa’ drug.

“This has become a serious problem. We have very young children who abuse various drugs in this locality,” noted Kenga.

 He called on locals to report any criminal related incidence to the relevant authorities.

Kenga pointed out “We all know that police officers are inadequate so let us all be alert,”

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