Trio Union is a Political Trick, FABCOM Chairman

political trick

The recent union of Coast Governors; Ali Hassan Joho (Mombasa) Amason Kingi (Kilifi) and  Salim Mvurya (Kwale) is a political trick by the trio to remain politically relevant come 2022, Fast Action Business Community Chair Salim Karama revealed on Friday.

Karama who is opposed to the move says it is common folk for such alignments to emerge a few months before general elections.

The FABCOM chair claims the trio is playing what he terms as a cat and mouse game to lure the region for their political gains.

“There is nothing of substance coming out of the trio. This is a sheep in a wolf’s skin. Just politics” said the FABCOM Chair.

The chair who was speaking to the press in Mombasa on Friday said the three governors have failed to deliver considering the cut-throat economy of the region.

Karama points out that the region’s economy is on its deathbed.

Liwatoni bridge, the epicentre of Covid 19 spread.

On the issue of the Liwatoni Bridge, Karama claims the bridge is a new epicentre of Covid-19 spread should the government fail to revoke the order.

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He wants the directive revoked adding “the government has no mercy for her people including the elderly and the people with disability. It should come out clear on this,” explained Karama.

The chair states that the lobby will protest against the move should the government fail to revoke it.

“The cost of the bridge was overestimated which is against the law. The regional coordinator should come out clear on board,” said Karama

Failed regional leaders

Karama who is advocating for independence candidacy come 2022 notes that the current political leadership has failed to revive the region’s economy.

According to him, independence candidacy is shaping new dawn in the region.

Noted Karama “This is a new beginning for the region. We have independent candidates all over the coast region,”

Vast resources in the region

The FABCOM Chair adds “despite the region being a mine of wealth most people still wallow in abject poverty.

He accused the political class of what he terms as being ‘irresponsible” on the region’s economy.

Concerning the Easter holidays, the FABCOM Chair urged Kenyans to adhere to the Covid-19 protocols.

He adds “it is high time Kenyans adhere to the laid down Covid-19 rules. Coronavirus is real.

At the same time, he called on Kenyans to share with the less fortunate in society.

“Consider the less fortunate during this period. Share what you have with others,” explained Karama.

He further wants the police to adhere to the rule of law adding “The police should not take advantage during this period. Kenyans pay taxes and they deserve maximum respect,”

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