Traffic police dies after motorist drags, runs over him in Mombasa


A police officer was Monday evening killed in an accident after a motorist trapped the officer’s hand and drove off in Mombasa.

The motorist drove off with the body of the officer hanging for almost 200 meters.

The officer Julius Marwa was later run over by the rear wheel of the same car and died on the spot.

According to a police report seen by, the officer was manning Buxton Junction in Mombasa at about 4.30 pm when the incident happened.

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The officer flagged down a salon car for normal traffic inspection. The driver was then asked to switch off the engine to enable the officers to check his car.

The driver is reported to have declined to switch off the engine prompting the officer to try to open the driver’s door to turn off the engine.

The driver allegedly grabbed the officer’s hand and tried to pull him into his car before driving off with the officer hanging. The officer hung on the car as the driver sped off before he released him and fell on the tarmac.

Police said he sustained multiple injuries before he was rushed to Jocham hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The driver sped off but was later traced to the basement of a parking lot.

Police said he was found locked in the car and later arrested.

Coast regional police boss Titus Karuri said they are investigating the motive of the incident.

He said his officers were interrogating the suspect for more information to establish the motive.

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