Why Tob Cohen’s burial was postponed

Cohen's burialMen digging the late Tob Cohen's grave at the Jewish Cemetery on September 23, 2019

Murdered Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen’s burial has been rescheduled to Tuesday 2.30pm.

This is after the family failed to get 10 priests, in accordance to Jewish customs.

Cohen’s family lawyer Cliff Ombeta said the organizers managed to get 8 priests, forcing an adjournment of the burial rites.

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The ceremony was initially planned for Monday afternoon at the Jewish Cemetery on Prof Wangari Mathai Road in Nairobi.

The two remaining priests are said to be in Mombasa and Kisumu cities and will be available on Tuesday.

“Cohen is the highest-ranking person in the Jewish customs. His burial has to be attended by 10 priests, who will each recite a certain verse,” Ombeta said during a press conference outside the Jewish Community cemetery.

Robert Cohen, the late Tob’s brother and Cohen’s widow, Ms Sarah Wairimu were present at the Jewish Cemetery

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