Three arrested after Bamburi gang attack

Bamburi gand attackA victim is being transfered from Yeshua Medicare to Coast General Hospital by Red Cross Society officers on Monday night.

Three suspects linked to Monday night Bamburi gang attack in Mombasa have been arrested, police say.

Mombasa county police commander Johnson Ipara identified the three as Jackson Okelo, Paul Ayub, and 17-year-old Ibrahim Mohammed Hamdan.

Speaking on Tuesday Ipara said that at least 13 people who were injured during the incident are currently receiving treatment at Coast General Hospital.

He said four are in critical condition.

The gang attacked residents of Kwa Bulo, Lake View and Bamburi on Monday night with machetes.

They robbed and maimed anyone on their path, causing chaos and panic.

A security operation to flush the Wakali Kwanza criminal gang is currently underway in the area.

While witnesses say the gang had over 30 youth, Ipara said the attackers were only around 10.

The attacks escalate during April and August school holidays, a matter that a senior security officer said might shed some light.

“We are investigating along those lines too. We do not want to leave out any theory. We are also investigating the possibility of gang rivalry in the attack,” said the officer.

There are two splinter groups of the same juvenile gang including Wakali Kwanza and Wakali Wao.

The two split because of disagreements over sharing of spoils.

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