This is why Fikirini Jacobs is now ‘untouchable’

Fikirini jacobsPUSA President Fikirini Jacobs being blessed by an elder

Pwani University Students Association (PUSA) President Fikirini Jacobs on Sunday received special blessings from Giriama elders during his home coming party.

The special blessings are granted to a revered and respected leader from the community.

The same elders, blessed Kilifi governor Amason Kingi and Kilifi senator Stewart Madzayo during their campaigns.

What the prayer mean.

According to Kitsao Charo who led the special prayer and blessings, Fikirini is now ‘untouchable’.

This means Fikirini must serve diligently and without bias.

“The special prayer meant that Fikirini is our son and ‘light’. He has bestowed great respect upon us and we prayed for his star to shine throughout his life. We also prayed for his protection and whoever will plan to harm him will face consequences including death,” said Kitsao

The short prayer was conducted in the presence of Kilifi south MP Ken Chonga and his Ganze counterpart Teddy Mwambire. Kilifi county chief officer for transport and public works Kenneth Kazungu was also present.

“He is a young man of high repute and we also cleared his way to run for the Presidency of all the Kenyan Universities. The prayer also restricts Fikirini from harming anyone. In short, we did reset his fortunes to default just like a new born,” he added

Kadiyo said they had to do that to make sure Fikirini is protected.

Fkirini Jacobs

“We have released him to the world to serve the community. There are enemies out there and we want him to return home safe without a single scratch. Though he did not tell us he was vying for the seat, we still pray for him to go places in his life. His leadership will be guided by God,” he added

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