The thrills and whispers of River Rare in Ganze

River RareThe Rare drift

River Rare is a seasonal river found about 40 kilometer from Kilifi Town along the Kilifi – Ganze – Bamba road. The river crosses the Kilifi – Ganze – Bamba main road at Kitengwani shopping Centre.

Visitors can easily reach this river by both public and private means. The road is a bit rough though well maintained. It gets worse during rainy season and visitors especially with private cars should use four-wheel drive cars.

The scenery at River Rare is so beautiful and breathe taking. The natural thicket on both sides of the river is the home of hundreds of thousands of birds.

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Visitors get a rare opportunity to sample the beauty of nature and have a chance to explore the wonders of the countryside.

Driving to River Rare is an adventure in itself. As you cruise down the smooth sandy track through the vast tract of indigenous dry coastal forest in the countryside, every bend of the road opens like a flip of a page; sparsely populated shopping centers with welcoming faces of friendly locals; women carrying bundles of firewood or buckets of water on their heads, some with kids strapped across their backs; children shouting, “Jambo, Shikamoo, Jambo”, the scenery is so carrying, at some point one is tempted to stop and acknowledge the greetings.

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Surrounded by a thicket and tall trees, Rare is all about nature. Endless sounds of crickets, chirping of birds and screaming of monkeys welcome visitors as they approach the forest surrounding the river. Nature is at peace with itself.

During rainy season the river usually overflows and at times crossing at the drift becomes a nightmare.

The river water is used for domestic consumption and at some sections of the river it is for livestock. Other locals have their farms on the river banks. During heavy rains most crops are washed away.

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Visitors can easily park their vehicles along the road side and have a walk along the drift.

From the comfort of your car parked at Kitengwani Shopping Centre overlooking the valley, visitors catch the most spectacular views of the river and have the pristine advantage of watching the sun disappear in the horizon beyond the Ganze Woodlands leaving outstanding scenery and fresh countryside air.

Contrary to belief by many people that life is in the cities, here you are invited to an experience where, to many, time will cease to matter as they tour the river and then have a chance to witness the sun setting.

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