The shame of Ganze schools

Mangororo primary studentsStudents taking shelter in a dilapidated classroom

The ongoing rains have continued to expose the infrastructure gaps in Ganze schools.

Photos of lower primary students taking shelter in a dilapidated classroom in Ganze has elicited mixed reactions from different quarters.

The photos shows young students from Mangororo primary sitting on blocks in a class whose floor is covered by water.

Students at Mangororo Primary school taking shelter during rains

Here are some of the comments on the photos

‘Sincerely speaking my able MP Hon Teddy Mwambire with all due respect can u have time sir n handle these touching issue in ganze

…at this era sir ganze bado tuko Ivi… Mheshimiwa kungine funavumirira ela vinalunya na kubanda mioyo…y don’t u address these issues as state of emergency rather going to a radio station n talk about NATIONAL POLITICS, surely on wat benefit to that kid on a stone….. I feel like……… But it’s OK… Am sad!!!?!!!!! ‘ posted Duncan Bongo on his timeline

Mangororo primary
Mangororo Primary students

Augustus Katana wrote Honourable Hon Teddy Mwambire please we are ready to fundraise and help you if CDF kit isn’t enough.We are parents and seeing kids in this situation makes our hearts bleed.

Evans Kj Ooko And the same Kenyan government wants to build 500,000 houses per year…when children have got no classrooms??

James Njuguna You expect what results after KCPE .. and life after primary school in this kind of environment…

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