Wasini: The famous park without wild animals


Wasini village is found in Wasini Island in the Kenyan south coast. As expected of most coastal villages, its main economic activities is tourism. It is only accessed by water vessels boarded from the mainland – Shimoni. 

 If you thought that a park must have wild animals, then think again. And if you thought that you must walk on the ground as you tour a park, then you could be wrong. 

Within Wasini Island on the southern edge of the village is a rare and unique “Park”, a park without wild animals. It is a ‘Park” dominated by Coral Reefs. 

The coral reefs are huge and you will be forgiven for thinking that some people took their time to arrange them. Nobody knows how long the coral reefs have been there, not even the villagers. 

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“We found these coral reefs here and in this state and even our great-grandfathers don’t know the age of these reefs” explains, Mohamed Kassim one of the tour guides. 

Visitors have the option of using either a normal boat or a speed boat. It takes about twenty minutes to cross the channel by normal boat; but a speed boat can do better in a lesser time. 

The indigenous people of Wasini are very social and welcoming. Every guest is special to them and they are always out to ensure that they provide outstanding services.

The Coral Reef Park is owned and managed by Wasini Women Group, and it is found a few meters from the heart of Wasini Island not very far from Wasini Harbor. 

A rare cool refreshing breeze and a beautiful scenery welcomes you into the park. Others claim that from here they can smell cloves from Pemba and Zanzibar 

Visitors get a rare opportunity of touring this attractive park while walking on boardwalks. The boardwalks are constructed all over the park. They are high risen such that even during high tides visitors don’t get wet as they make their tours. 

The boardwalks covers the whole park, thus at no time will a visitor touch the ground while in the park. After every few meters is a hut constructed to give the visitor an opportunity to rest and have a snack which they might have carried with them. 

The park is surrounded by a mangrove forest. The boardwalks run through this forest making walking through the coral reef park an adventure of its kind. 

At the corner of the park is what looks like a control tower. A top this tower, one is able to see the whole Wasini village and the beauty of the park.

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