Kilifi: The County with four Coat of arms

Kilifi coat of armsThree versions of the Kilifi county Coat of arms. They are all used in official documents

The County Coat of Arms of Kilifi serves as the formal symbol that signifies the county’s sovereignty, authority and ownership.

It is a symbol of authenticity and recognition. Few people pay as much attention to the identity symbol of our very own territory.

In the design and use of any Coat of arms, there are set guidelines.

The guidelines on the design of the Kilifi county Coat of arms are contained in the Kilifi County Emblems, Symbols and Order of Protocol Act, 2O14.

The guidelines were set out by the executive and passed by the County assembly of Kilifi.

After years of devolution, the county still uses four different Coat of arms in official documents.

If you go by the Kilifi County Emblems, Symbols and Order of Protocol Act, 2O14 even the emblem at the gate of the governor’s office is void.

The void County Coat of arms at the governors office

According to part 2, section 2 in the first schedule of the Act, these are the description of the Coat of arms for Kilifi county.

Marlin and Shield-symbolizes the county as a defender of the county’s cultural heritage and economic resources.

Coconut Tree and cashew nut-symbolizes the county’s potential major source of agricultural wealth.

Mortar and Pestle-symbolizes a major aspect of the county’s cultural heritage.

Sea-symbolizes the county’s Aquatic and tourism resources.

Scroll-symbolizes the pursuit of positive development and knowledge.

Sun-symbolizes rebirth and the source of life, light and humanity.

Parterned (I guess it should be patterned) fabric (Leso) – symbolizes the multi-ethnic and multi-racial nature of the county.

White – symbolizes peaceful coexistence.

Officially unofficial

A scrutiny of the official Coat of arms as it is illustrated in the Act shows that the sun has eleven white rays. Six of the rays have extended to the edges of the East African shield.

None of the rays on the emblem at the gate of the office of the governor extend to the edges of the shield.

Another Coat of arm which is used in official documents of the county and in information and promotional materials has books and mortar board on top of the sun layer. There is also a dhow sailing in the sea.

The fourth emblem has an additional curved text on top.

The confusion could be created by the internet but by virtue of the county accepting documents with different versions of their official Coast of arms simply means they have endorsed all the emblems.

The worst thing that design can do to an official document, is to make it look unofficial.

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