Tana River County officials warned over hiding files

majorGovernor Dhadho Godhana

Tana River County Governor Dhadho Godhana has warned procurement officers against hiding files during audits

Godhana said there is a tendency of files getting lost when auditors visit offices and resurface immediately they leave.

“We have not been audited satisfactorily in the past since every time people see auditors around, files go missing, this time I’m not going to subscribe to that joke, keep it transparent and clean,” he said.

Mr Godhana warned that any officer who will be found hiding files will carry the burden of the pending debt.

He urged contractors with disputes to forward their documents to the respective offices by December 31 so as to be part of the audit and later part of the report that will be released by the auditors for the Auditor-General.

“This is also the opportunity for the aggrieved contractors who feel they were left out of compensation despite having genuine papers to verify service delivery,” he said.

The governor warned the Finance office from interfering with other offices as the audit goes on.

He directed the respective officers not to proceed for Christmas holidays until the audit is done.

Tana River County has been struggling with pending bills estimated at Sh2.1 billion inherited from the previous administration.

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