Taireni backs Coast MPs’ threats to ditch party


A Coast lobby group has lauded the move by MPs from the region to ditch their political parties over the revenue sharing impasse.

Taireni Association of Mijikenda (TAM) said the one vote one shilling proposed revenue sharing formula is an affront to marginalization which the coast region has suffered since independence.

The association said time is ripe for the region to come together and use one coast based political party to market it to the national arena.

TAM supported the move by the MPs led by Kilifi north MP Owen Baya who threatened to ditch their parties should the new formula sail through the senate.

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Speaking in Kilifi on Monday, the lobby warned the MPs that their announcement should not be empty threats.

“As TAM we are behind the MPs and the senators who are fighting to see this ill-advised formula defeated. We have been supporting both Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta but they are now taking us for a ride using this dubious revenue sharing formula. If this formula is adopted the coast region will remain poor,” said Peter Ponda, TAM chairman

Ponda said the region has lost respect due to its incapacity to support a political party from the region.

Mwalimu Rasi, a member of TAM said unfair distribution of resources has led to resistance from the public which in turn brews instability.

“The historical injustices in the coast region led to the formation of IPK, MRC, Kaya Bombo and other resistance groups. We are not going to use guerilla means to seek justice but we will use the law to get what is rightfully ours,” said Rasi

Ponda further said the association is keenly watching MPs and Senators from the region who are supporting the one vote one shilling formula and warned that the region will rebel against them.

“There are a few rebels whom we are following keenly. We will hit the road and make sure they do not get reelected to any seat,” said Ponda

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