Suspect in the murder of Eric Maigo has been arrested

Eric Maigo

The main suspect in the murder of Nairobi Hospital Acting Finance Director Eric Maigo has been arrested

She was arrested in Kibera slums, Nairobi on Tuesday night in an intelligence-led operation by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives.

According to police sources, the suspect, a minor believed to be between 15 to 17 years old, has been on the run since last Thursday.

She was apprehended at her friend’s house in the slum.

She had returned to the house at around 7 p.m., seeking shelter for the night.

Police received information that the suspect had been spotted in various locations, including the Cemetery area, and the Olympics, and had attempted to reach the Show Ground in the Jamhuri area.

Later, she made her way to her friend’s house, where her presence was reported, prompting police action.

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The police had been monitoring phone calls of those close to the girl to gather leads for the investigation.

The arrest was part of an intelligence-led operation conducted by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), with a combined team from Kilimani sub-county and DCI headquarters.

Police had been deployed heavily in the area and slum in general over the ongoing Nairobi International Trade Fair in Jamhuri Grounds.

She is currently detained at Muthaiga Police Station, awaiting transfer to Kilimani Police Station, which is handling the case.

Her arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday, during which police will request additional time for holding her as they plan to conduct various tests before determining the charges.

Thus far, the police have recorded statements from 12 individuals, including colleagues of the deceased at the hospital, witnesses who saw the suspect escape from the crime scene, her mother, and three friends.

Notably, the teenage suspect had healing injuries on her belly, which resulted from a fall she experienced on a razor wire fence at the scene of the crime on September 15.

Police on Sunday said the teenager was missed by a whisker after she left a house she had spent overnight in the Olympic area.

The detectives combed parts of Kibera slums and traced friends and relatives as they tried to understand her background before she was arrested.

They also went to various health facilities in an effort to find out if she sought any medical help after she was captured on camera falling on sharp razors forming part of a war around where Maigo lived as she escaped the scene.

How the suspected escaped from the scene.

Maigo was found dead in his house at Woodley Annexe on the morning of September 15, having been stabbed 25 times.

Two blood-stained knives believed to have been the murder weapons were recovered from the scene of the crime.

Detectives on Friday, September 22, recovered clothes believed to have been worn by the main suspect during the murder. They also unravelled how the suspect escaped from the scene.

The clothes, a red-checkered shirt and a grey pair of animal-print pants were found in a semi-permanent wooden shack in Bombolulu village, deep inside the sprawling Kibera slums.

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