Support SMEs, Youths tell local investors

SMEsSupport Small and Medium Enterprises, Youths tell local investors

Youths in Mombasa County have urged local investors to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) saying they account for a bigger percentage of the national Gross Domestic Product GDP.

The youths pointed out that start-up capital is a major blow towards venturing into businesses.

While speaking to the media in Mombasa On Friday, Hassan Mohammed, a young entrepreneur said most young people shy away from doing businesses.

“There is a need for local investors to support upcoming entrepreneurs. Lack of capital and sensitization has however been a challenge,” noted Hassan.

He further called on the county government to allocate special business shades where small scale dealers can display their business wares.

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Mohammed noted that small scale businesses upscale the county’s eco-tourism.

“We do not want to see a situation whereby we are harassed by county officials. We do provide employment opportunities to hundreds of youths in our small way,”

Little knowledge about online business

At the same time, Mercy Anywa, said most young people have no ideas about the existence of online businesses.

According to her, nepotism is rife in most public offices adding “you have to be politically connected to grab an opportunity, lest you remain jobless,”

She further adds that corruption and bribery pose a blow to the country which she admits it has rendered thousands of young people jobless.

Anywa wants vocational training colleges to offer affordable courses so that young people can study.

“The fees charged in these training institutions are too high for most of the young people. Something should be done on the same,” explained Anywa.

Conduct stiff awareness campaign on available funding

Dream Achievers Youth Organisation monitoring and evaluation officer Winnie Lozi asked the county government to sensitize locals on the business opportunities available for youths.

She insisted “The county needs to create more awareness on the available funding for young people.

She however lashed the youth on claims of failing to commit them to business.

“Most young people do not want to commit themselves to do business. They are afraid of taking business loans,” said Ms Lozi.

She adds that the organisation has for the past 6 months given out a loan of over ksh300,000 to young business entrepreneurs in Kisauni sub-county.

“We have been conducting business and entrepreneurship training for young people aged below 30 years. We also link them to the relevant ministries including the department of youth,” said Lozi.

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