Stop blackmailing the President- KEMNAC tells Ruto allies


Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council has called on Deputy President William Ruto allies to stop what he claims is blackmailing President Uhuru Kenyatta following remarks he (Uhuru) made during a burial ceremony in Vihiga County.

The president said ” It is time for other tribes to rule this country”

The council says Uhuru’s speech is about bringing inclusivity in this country.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Monday, KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao said those against the remarks and the Building Bridges Initiative have a hidden agenda.

“For many years Kenya has been ruled by two tribes only, those from Central Kenya and the Rift Valley,” Ngao noted.

The Muslim cleric claims that his (Uhuru) sentiments are aimed at uniting the country and allows other tribes to rule the country.

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He added that should Kenyans vote in Deputy President Willam Ruto in the next general election, this country would sing the same song that they have sung for ages.

 “The president is talking about the BBI. It is not about tribes as some politicians think,” said the chair.

Ngao called on Kenyans to vote for the building bridges initiative saying it is the only way to unite this country.

“As KEMNAC we stand with the President. Jomo Kenyatta ruled this country for 15 years while Moi ruled for 24 years. Kibaki on the other hand ruled for 10 years and now Uhuru 10 years, don’t you see the trend?”

He says the Coast especially has prominent people who can lead this country.

“There are scholars and academicians with the skills to lead the country. I can also lead this country Kingi can also lead this country and many others,” he said

He also called on Madrassa institutions to adhere to all health protocols including maintaining social distance, sanitizing, wearing face masks.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Amir Zani said there is a need for the presidency to rotate to other tribes instead of being dominated by only two tribes.

He urged the deputy president to come on board and sit with other leaders.

“We are tired as Kenyans of being ruled by only one tribe. We do not want politicians fuelling ethnicity and tribal divisions but those who are politically focussed,” said Sheikh Amir.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday responded to those politicking about 2022 and spreading the dynasty narrative saying the presidency does not belong to only two tribes.

Uhuru was speaking during the burial of Mama Hannah Mudavadi in Mululu Vihiga County.

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