Stock thieves lynched by mob in Bamba


Two people were Tuesday morning lynched at Mgandamwani A village, Bamba on suspicion of stock theft.

The two, Mwalimu Yaa Mure and Kitsao Thomas Kapombe met their death after they were cornered by the mob as they attempted to transport two bulls they had allegedly stole.

They were killed and their bodies set on fire

Chira assistant chief Samuel Kitsao said the families of the deceased were able to identify the bodies, which had been badly burnt.

Kitsao said stock theft is on the rise in the area as hunger bites.

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“According to the report I received is that they were in the process of taking the bulls to Kilifi. Several cases of animal theft have been reported. I appeal to members of the public to desist from taking the law into their hands and instead report the matter to the police. This could be a ring which can only be stopped if all the members are arrested and prosecuted,” he said

A resident who sort anonymity said the two stole the animals on Monday and hid them in a bush.

“They were waiting for the night to transport them. We managed to track their movement until they took the animals that is when we pounced on them,” he said

The resident said they decided to take the law into their hand because the police do not take such cases seriously.

“The police will arrest them and eventually release them after paying a bribe. They will then come back to society and steal again,” said the source

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