Sokoni MCA calls for boycotting of Mada hotels

Mada HotelsSokoni MCA Gilbert Peru when he addressed residents during Jamhuri day

Sokoni ward MCA Gilbert Peru has accused Kilifi Mada hotels manager Peter Njoroge of underhand deals that led to the arrest and prosecution of locals doing business at the Vidazini landing site within Bofa beach.

Peru said Njoroge has been using punitive ways to derail efforts by local youths to establish businesses along the beach.

However, the Kilifi bay beach resort and Baobab sea lodge manager brushed off the allegations and said he was not involved in the matter.

“The issue was raised by Bofa residents not Mada hotels. I was called to a meeting at the Deputy County Commissioner’s office and I found over 30 Bofa residents. Peru should stop dragging me into the politics of mudslinging,” said Njoroge.

Peru now wants locals to boycott all the Mada hotels facilities.

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“Several youths who were establishing beach bandas at Vidazini have been arrested. The Mada hotels manager does not want youths to establish businesses at the beach. Mada hotels has put a structure that extends to the Ocean but the same guy does not want the youths to put structures on the beach. Nine youths were arrested and we bailed them out,” said Peru.

He added: As leaders we should guide the youth but not to use the police to oppress them. Two youths were arrested for selling alcohol without a liquor license and operating during odd hours. When they were taken to court they were charged with putting illegal structures and were slammed with a one year jail term or a fine of Ksh 1 million,”

The MCA said the youths were coerced by the police to plead guilty to the charges and they would be given a lenient jail term but they were shocked with what the court ruled.

“We should boycott Mada hotels. Let us not use any of their facilities in Kilifi. Let us not take birthdays or weddings there. We will write to Mada hotels to request them to transfer Njoroge because he does not want to coexist peacefully with the residents,” he added

During Jamhuri day, Kilifi governor Amason Kingi said the department of environment will conduct investigations on illegal structures along the coastline from Mtwapa to Marereni.

The investigation will start from January.

“Hotels have no monopoly of the beach. 60 metres from the highest water mark is regarded as public land. There are some hotels that have encroached on public beaches and these are the people we want to deal with in our investigations,” said Kingi

Kilifi north MP Owen Baya urged parties involved to sit down and discuss the matter.

“Let us not use punitive means to settle our scores. The beaches should be used to benefit everyone and not a few people,” said Baya

Mwamutsi said he will soon send a Bill to the county assembly to compel all villas to be used for commercial purposes and not residential.

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