Six Mtwapa Health centre staff test positive for Coronavirus


Kilifi county has heightened the training of health workers on infection prevention after six medical staff at the Mtwapa Health Centre tested positive for the coronavirus, Health CEC Charles Dadu has said.

Speaking on Thursday, Dadu said the matter is under control and already all contacts have been quarantined and tested.

“The first round returned negative results and we will confirm within 48 hours. We did a risk analysis and it is now complete. The area was decontaminated and alternative staff availed to fill the gap left by those on quarantine and isolation,” said Dadu

The CEC further said the department has enhanced the enforcement of covid-19 protocols.

The six staff at the Mtwapa Health Centre of Excellence in Kilifi south sub county were confirmed to be positive last week.

Four are on home based care while two are in an isolation centre.

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They were exposed to the virus in the line of duty. Staff currently working at the facility expressed fears of further infection due to the working environment.

 “We are currently disturbed because our seniors do not want to address us on this matter. The matter is being kept a secret. The hospital was fumigated on Friday and we were asked to go on with our work without proper containment measures,” said a source at the hospital.

By Wednesday, six more staff had gone to self-isolation.

Last week, a staff working at the physiotherapy department at the facility turned positive for the virus prompting the targeted testing of the rest of the health staff.

“At first 30 staff were tested and three turned positive then 25 were tested where two tested positive. We highly suspect the virus was spread by the first case,” said the source.

Out of the four nurses working at the triage, three turned positive.

“The environment here is very conducive for the spread of the virus. If you look at the triage area it is very small and there are four people working there. It is very hard to observe social distancing while at work. The other issue is the only protective gear we have is a mask and a sanitizer. The triage is the first area where patients pass through,” added the source.

On Tuesday, members of public who had gone to the facility to get medical certificates to enable them work in restaurants were turned away as the service has temporarily been suspended due to lack of staff.

Another staff said most patients seeking services at the facility have no masks or put on masks that are worn out.

“When you ask them why they do not have masks they tell you that they do not have money to buy masks. Staff here always wear their masks and they have sanitizers and water for handwashing but it is hard to keep social distance,” said the source in confidence.

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