Sex education in schools will address early pregnancies-Kwale CSOs

sex educationKwale civil society organizations groups at Diani reef during a session organized by Equality Now organization on budget. They want children sex education to end early pregnancies

Civil society groups in Kwale have proposed sex education to children in schools as a measure to end early pregnancies among minors.

This is as a result of majority of sex cases reported being between f children having affairs with their colleagues.

The CSOs made the remarks as they asked county and national government to collaborate in putting up rescue centers for early marriage and early pregnancies cases that are rampant.

The CSOs made the remarks at Diani Reef hotel at a workshop organized by Equality Now on gender budget responsive aimed at ensuring that Kwale county budget for early marriage and pregnancy issues in the area.

Kwale Welfare Education Association CEO Sabina Saiti said that children from 21 years and below have continued to engage in unprotected sex with affected girls having no rescue center to keep them.

She said that once a law on gender is passed in Kwale County their proposal to have rescue centers will be considered in budget proposal 2019-2020.

The rescue centers, she said should be fully equipped and stationed in health facilities to ensure total attention to affected girls by health officials.

“Giving children condoms is a parental decision to make, counseling  such kids will not help them but importantly is educating them and ensure those who have not started having sex get to know how to stay without sex until they get married,” she said.

Equality Now organization officer Jean Murunga said that counties should consider gender equality issues in their budget making process.

 “We are telling CSOs that they should ensure early marriage, early pregnant and security are considered in the budget process,” he said.

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He said that once that is done things like sensitizing community on issues affecting them will be budgeted for easily and help reach out to kids in schools and communities.

Kwale county association of people living with special abilities coordinator Mwalimu Ali said that the Kwale county government has always left them out of budget consideration.

Sauti ya Wanawake organization officer Violet Muthiga said that they are working with women and girls to ensure that their rights are protected.

“Early marriage and early pregnancies has not been budgeted for by Kwale County which is a point of concern which we are sure with time it will be addressed,” she said.

 She said that rescue centers for early pregnancy and marriage cases should be put in place to ensure all services needed they affected girls are provided.

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