Ruto can visit any place in the country-Kaloleni MP

RutoKaloleni MP Paul Katana addressing Vishakani residents

Kaloleni Member of Parliament Paul Katana has appealed to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission NCIC to tame political undertones in the country.

Katana took issues with remarks by a section of the team Kieleweke that Deputy President William Ruto is not welcome in Kiambu County.

Earlier this week, the MPs who are against Ruto’s 2022 bid criticized the DP as sneaking in Uhuru’s backyard instead of being bold enough to ask for his boss’ blessings.

“You are not welcome in this county unless you are accompanied by Uhuru,” said former MP George Nyanja.

The former MP asked: “How can someone go to another person’s home without his knowledge?

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Speaking at Vishakani primary school in Kaloleni after delivering 83 desks for the school, Katana warned that such statements can polarize the nation and cause ethnic mayhem.

“Ruto is the deputy president of this republic and as a leader he does not need any clearance from another leader to visit a particular place in this country. NCIC should have summoned this politician and question him over the remarks. Such statements are a recipe for divisions in the country. What if other leaders place similar embargos to other leaders?” asked Katana.

He advised leaders to do politics with decorum so as to reduce the political temperatures in the country.


“I understand not everyone is comfortable with Ruto’s interest for the seat in 2022 but as civilized people if you do not want him can you drum up support for your preferred leader without hurling insults to other leaders? Kenya is recovering from the 1997/98 post-election violence and we do not want leaders to drag us there by making reckless statements,”

He also called for truce between the Kieleweke and Tangatanga teams.

Kilifi north MP Owen Baya also faulted the remarks terming them an insult to the presidency.

Baya said Ruto does not visit places on private capacities but as the deputy president.

“If you insult Ruto you have insulted the presidency. This also means you have insulted Uhuru Kenyatta. Let’s do politics in a civilized manner. We cannot start marking boundaries in a country which belongs to all of us,” he said

Katana also challenged Kilifi leaders interested in succeeding Kilifi governor Amason Kingi to stop smear campaigns in social media.

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Recently, front runners in the race have been engaging in bitter exchanges in social media platforms.

The exchanges are mostly aggravated by supporters of the leaders.

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