Revital HealthCare signs contract to supply Pakistan government with medical equipment


A Kilifi-based medical devices manufacturing firm has entered into a contract to supply medical equipment to the Pakistan government.

On Monday, the firm Revital healthcare flagged off three consignments of more than 3 billion of the 0.5 ml vaccine syringes to Pakistan.

Speaking during the flagging-off ceremony, Revital healthcare sales and marketing product development Director, Roveek Vora said the contract is valid for two years.

“We have entered into a contract of two years with the Pakistan government for the consignments of the 0.5ml  and 1ml conventional vaccine syringes which are used for the covid-19 and immunisation of babies and other kits like personal protective equipment, (PPEs) surgical face mask among other healthcare kits that we manufacture,” Said Vora.

The Kilifi-based firm is the only manufacturer of medical devices in Africa and one of the 60 certified manufacturers in the world.

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He said this comes amid improved relations between Kenya and the Pakistan government.

“We had a meeting this morning with the high commissioner for Pakistan and we glad they have put interest to order our products that will go along in two years contract,” Vora said.

The company, however, said that the Kenyan government needs to support local companies by buying from them.

“We have been appealing to the Kenyan government for quite some time, we as local manufacturers need a lot of support, we are still asking for the government to support us,” he added.

The firm estimates that the support will lead to the creation of jobs to over 200 direct new jobs and 1000 indirect jobs out of which At least 80 per cent of the hired are women.

He said the firm started its operation in 2008 with just 2 products but has now expanded to more than 48 exporting to 28 countries around the world.

Vora further said the firm is proud to be part of the global efforts to ensure Africans have access to life saving vaccine syringes.

High commissioner for Pakistan government Saqlain Syedah said the demand for medical devices that protect lives against not just covid-19 but also other infectious diseases like Malaria will amplify going forward.

She referred to the partnership as crucial, saying it will improve further the relationship between the two countries in terms of healthcare.

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