Residents call on NLC to intervene in Buxton housing project

Buxton Housing Project

Buxton residents want the National Land Commission to intervene and protect locals from what they claim is ‘grabbing of their 12 acre plot in the Buxton housing project.

The locals say that being the custodian of the land, the National Land Commission can stop any attempt to grab the land.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Thursday, Said Bidu a local said residents are against the upgrading of the houses and vowed not to allow any investor to demolish the houses.

He wants the county government to cancel the housing tender.

“We are ready as Buxton locals to oppose any move to upgrade the houses. NLC should come in and help us out of this situation,” he said.

Meanwhile, another local, John Tsuma says there is a hidden motive behind the Buxton Housing project.

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Tsuma adds that there was no public participation conducted prior to the project.

“We have totally rejected this project. There is something fishy here,” said Tsuma.

At the same time, Buxton residents Association Chairperson Chai Mbaru said over 90 per cent of the locals are against the upgrading of the housing project.

According to him, the county did not offer information on the project, raising the question of integrity and transparency.

“This is a way of grabbing our 12 acre plot. There are some people who have been at the forefront.” noted Mbaru.

Mbaru wants the county government to immediately halt the project.

He explains that there is a need for all the stakeholders including the county government to come on board and look for an amicable solution.

“We have not been served with any tenant agreement formula or any official document from the county government. We shall stand in defence of our plot,” noted Mbaru.

The locals chanted ‘Hatuhami Buxton.’ We are not moving away from Buxton.

The Buxton estate units owned by the county include 150 units for county staff and another 352 rental or purchasable units.

Currently there are one and two bedroomed units for which occupants pay 2800 and 3662 respectively.

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