Bamba-Ganze-Kilifi road set to be tarmacked

Bamba-Ganze-Kilifi road

Plans for the tarmacking of the Bamba-Ganze-Kilifi road are on top gear

In a letter from the Principal Secretary Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works to the Kenya Rural Roads Authority KeRRA Director-General Philemon Kandie, the ministry has allocated Ksh 120 million for the project that is set to open up Ganze constituency.

According to KeRRA deputy director Engineer Timothy Kendagor, the 50Km project will cost Ksh1.8 Billion to completion.

He dismissed claims that the funds are for routine maintenance of the road.

“120m is budget allocation as at now to cater for Advance Payment. The total cost will be around 1.8B. Nothing like routine maintenance with such a huge budget. Budgeting will be done every year and more money shall be allocated depending on the speed at which the works progress over the next 3 or 4 years,” said Kendagor

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When President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Kilifi county in September last year, he made a promise to tarmac the road.

Ganze member of parliament Teddy Mwambire said there has been intense lobbying for the project.

“The government has earmarked the area for major projects that will change the face of Ganze. Right now there are contractors on the ground undertaking the last-mile electrification project. Every sub-location in Ganze will be connected to the national grid,” said Mwambire

The road is the busiest in Ganze constituency and connects the constituency to the Kilifi county headquarters in Kilifi north.

During the rain season, the Bamba-Ganze-Kilifi road is inaccessible. Cases of expectant mothers delivering in ambulances or PSV vehicles while stuck on on the road have been reported severally.

Currently, a survey is ongoing for the Bamba-Kidemu-Shangweni-Vitengeni-Matano-mane-Kakanjuni road.

The Bamba-Ganze-Kithengwani-Kilifi road is currently under three government agencies.

The section from Bamba to Ganze is under KeRRA, from Ganze to Cassava it’s under the county government of Kilifi, From Cassava to Kakanjuni it’s under Kenya National Highways Authority KeNHA and Kakanjuni to Kilifi is under KeRRA

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    Good job

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    Where can we see the map how and where it will join Malindi

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