PWDS in Mombasa express reservations about BBI report

BBI reportCharity Chahasi and Lucy Chesi Tunaweza Persons with disability officials addressing the media In Mombasa on Thursday

People living with disabilities in Mombasa have termed the BBI report irrelevant as it does not factor in their concerns.

According to the PWDs, the BBI report unveiled on Wednesday by President Uhuru Kenyatta seeks to infringe on their rights.

Addressing the media in Mombasa on Wednesday, Tunaweza Women with Disability Executive Director Charity Chahasi termed the report as a political tool for a few leaders to ascend to power.

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Chahasi notes that some of the laws including chapter 4, articles 54 of the constitution addresses disability matters and should therefore be adhered to.

She lashed out at the government on claims of establishing the Youth Commission terming it a toothless commission and irrelevant.

“The youth Commission formed to address youth matters is irrelevant. We are already witnessing massive unemployment among the youth in various parts of the country,” she noted.

According to her, the leadership slots created in the BBI report should be filled in by people with disability.

She said this is not the right time to change the constitution citing lack of inclusivity on disability matters.

“We need our Constitution not this mammoth Building Bridges Initiative. Are the disabled groups not Kenyans?” Queried Chahasi.

On her part, Lucy Chesi one of the PWDs wants the government to fully implement the constitution instead of amending it at its raw age of a decade.

“BBI is a blatant lie. What is in the BBI that is not in the constitution? Let the government implement it (Constitution) first,”

She however points that any amendment to the constitution should factor in changing the status quo of the disabled persons.

“They should only change the constitution in order to factor in disability issues. Not a matter of changing the constitution to add more of political positions,” she noted.

At the same time Reez Viregwa wants the government to bring in disabled persons to fill in the positions of the prime minister and the deputy prime minister.

 She lashed out at ODM leader Raila Odinga on his Reggae parody terming it irrelevant to many Kenyans.

“If they have our interests at heart, let them appoint disabled persons as the Prime minister and his deputies,” said Ms Viregwa.

On Wednesday President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga unveiled a copy of the Building Bridges Initiative document after months of speculations.

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The duo while unveiling the BBI Report said it was not about the Presidency for Raila and Prime Minister for Uhuru.

The document is hinged on nine pillars: ethnic antagonism and competition, Divisive elections corruption, inclusivity, Lack of national ethos, devolution, safety and security shared prosperity and responsibilities and rights.

According to the proponents the document will cure the country’s problems even though critics insist that it’s all about 2022 succession politics.

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