Pwani University students sleep in the cold at SGR Nairobi

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Pwani University students who were scheduled to return to Kilifi from Nakuru after Thursday’s accidents have spent the night in the cold at the Syokimau SGR Terminus.

The injured students who were hosted at Egerton University were to travel to Mombasa via SGR on Saturday night but missed the train.

The move angered the students who blamed the management of negligence.

“The school booked for them an SGR for their return from Nakuru but unfortunately due to distance and jam in Nairobi they did not make it in time and the train went. The Station management said they cannot carry forward the tickets and there is little they can do. The institution on the other hand maintained that it had done its part. These students slept in cold to this morning with that cold weather in Nairobi. Those who have relatives in Nairobi were lucky to be picked by them during the night but those who had no luck had to feel the pinch of the cold. At this point, everyone was forced to plan for their travels on their own,” said Jesse Jay. 

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Other students started a fundraiser to enable the students pay for their tickets after they missed the train.

Kilifi county head of delivery unit Fikirini Jacobs who has been with the students since the accident occurred said the students slept at the VIP waiting bay at syokimau terminus.

“After they missed the train, the University management asked the comrades to go to relatives to spend the night. Some went while others who had no relatives remained there. A total of 68 students slept at the SGR terminus. We contributed Ksh 40, 000 for them to book the train but the slots were not enough. They had not eaten and we had to use that money to buy them food,” said Jacobs

Jafred Wanjala, one of the students who got stranded said they missed the train because their bus delayed.

“We were to travel in the 10m train to Mombasa on Saturday but our bus delayed and missed the train. Some of us spent the night here but we have been sorted and we will leave in the 3pm train to Mombasa,” said Wanjala

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