Pregnant minor goes missing at Kilifi county hospital


A 16 years old girl has been reported missing for almost a week now after she vanished at Kilifi county referral hospital.

The minor from Matsangoni was taken to the hospital by her parents Athman Shehe and Aisha Athman for a checkup after she was allegedly impregnated by her teacher.

Shehe suspects that the girl was kidnapped by a relative to the teacher.

The girl is a class seven pupil at a Primary school in Matsangoni.

The teacher was arrested on Monday 9th and released on Wednesday 11th under unclear circumstances.

Speaking to the media in Kilifi town on Monday, Shehe accused police officers at the Kilifi Police Station for colluding with the teacher to interfere with evidence by taking away his daughter.

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“As we were going to the hospital one of the relatives whom we know was following us. While we were waiting for the doctor my daughter excused herself to go for a short call but she took long. I followed her and found her standing with the man who is an uncle to the suspect. I took her back to the seat,” said Shehe.

He appealed for interventions from the government and well-wishers to get her daughter back.

“For now I need anyone’s help to get my child back. I don’t know whether she is safe, alive or dead. Without having my daughter back it will be hard for me to live,” he said.

Shehe narrated that his daughter vanished while they were walking to the Gender Based Violence Recovery Centre (GBVRC).

At the GBVRC, the doctor also informed them that the letter they had been given from the Gender Desk at the Kilifi police station lacked authenticity since it did not have the signature for the OCS and his stamp.

“I feel shortchanged by the police .There was a plan by the police officer who gave me the letter and the  suspect because he was still in cells to shortchange me so that  my daughter be whisked by the man who was following us as I move up and down to get the correct letter,” he said.

Shehe claimed that he was also denied OB number at the Kilifi Police station.

On Thursday 12th he said he went ahead and reported the matter to Kilifi North Sub County Police Commander Njoroge Ngigi who ordered the officer to book the matter but all that was in vain and the officer turned against Shehe and accused him of wanting to have her laid off her duties.

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The police boss had ordered that Shehe be issued with two OB numbers, one for the sexual abuse by the teacher and the other one for the disappearance of his daughter and also asked the officers to look for the lost girl

“The police officer was mad at me and told me that she was not going to book the cases and I wasn’t be issued with the OB numbers as said by her boss. She told me to go home and wait for her call,” he said.

Shehe said the kidnapping was as a result of him refusing to have the matter settled out of Court after several efforts by the teacher’s family

 “At one point they told me to go and negotiate in the presence of the OCS for it to be a fair deal but I told them that I want justice for my daughter,” said Shehe.

The father disclosed that for the seven months the daughter has been fooling the mother and whenever her dates for the monthly period are due she will be bought the sanitary pads and accept them.

“Whenever the mother could go in her bedroom she finds empty sanitary pads packet on the ground but she didn’t know it was a trick, “he said.

He added that his wife realized that their daughter’s physical appearance was changing and that is when she confronted her with the help of other family members.

The girl admitted that she was pregnant of her teacher.

Kilifi North Sub County Police Commander Njoroge Ngigi did not respond to the matter after several phone calls and a text message to him.

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