Preach peace ahead of 2022 elections, Politicians told

2022 electionsCoast Interfaith Council of Clerics CICC officials pose for a photo with East African Community Principal Secretary Dr Kevit Desai (forth left) at a past function. Image: (Courtesy)

Security stakeholders in partnership with religious leaders have urged politicians to preach unity amongst Kenyans as the country heads into the 2022 general elections.

The stakeholders say political elites play a pivotal role in ensuring the prevalence of peace before, during and after the general elections.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Thursday, Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics CICC Trust board member Sheikh Khalfan Ali urged political leaders to tone down.

He called on the political class to avoid what he claims is misusing youths to fuel tribal ethnicity.

‘This meeting brings together security stakeholders and religious leaders from Changamwe and Likoni sub-counties. We shall be conducting a series of meetings to deliberate on a safe approach towards tackling cases of insecurity,” said the Cleric.

Parents warned

Meanwhile, Likoni sub-county Director of Criminal Investigation officer Richard Koywer warned parents against hiding out children suspected of committing criminal offences.

“Children should be rectified whenever they are caught in the wrong hands of the law. Do not cover up anyone who is suspected of committing an illegality” explained the DCI.

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The DCI says Likoni sub-county has been a den of criminal activities saying the officers recently nabbed MRC suspects in the area.

He says the DCI works closely with community gatekeepers so that they can root out criminal elements in the sub-county.

“We are calling on the public to report any criminal related incident. We work closely with the community for any criminal tip-off.,” said the officer.

Report positively about 2022 elections

At the same time, Changwe Likoni director of criminal investigation Josiah Njiru said the officers work closely with both religious leaders and the community to ensure peace and security prevails.

The officer urged the media to ensure the country remains stable through accurate and factual reporting ahead of the next general elections.

“For us to have a peaceful election various stakeholders should come on board and deliberate on a way forward. We need as a country a peaceful transition,” said the DCI officer.

The project seeks to enhance the prevalence of peace in Likoni and Changamwe sub-counties as the country heads into the next general elections.

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