Politicians influencing flouting of covid-19 protocols


Over 20 motorcycles cross from Mombasa to Kilifi county to ferry charcoal and head back to Mombasa against covid-19 protocols.

This is despite the cessation of movement orders in force in the two counties.

It has now emerged that the bodaboda riders carrying the business are enjoying support from local politicians.

A local administrator in Bamba where the riders flock to has expressed fears that the trend will expose the resident to the Coronavirus.

Goshi assistant chief Stephen Thethe on Monday warned politicians from the area that politicizing the fight against the pandemic poses a great threat to the already vulnerable community.

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Thethe was angered by the politicians who tried to influence the release of several people arrested by police officers from Bamba for flouting the government protocols on the management of covid-19.

 “There is a bad trend that threatens the Goshi community. There are bodaboda riders who come from Mombasa to buy charcoal in the Giriama ranch. When they come to this area they give the motorbikes to locals so that they collect the charcoal for them while they go to mnazi drinking dens. We managed to arrest three of the riders while two escaped. The politicians tried to push the police to release them to the extent of calling the county commissioner but it hit a snag,” said Thethe

This is happening when Kilifi reported a new covid-19 case. The case was reported from a man who crossed over from Mombasa to his Kibao Kiche home in Kaloleni Sub County.

Thethe wondered how the bodaboda riders cross from Mombasa County to the interior of Kilifi County despite the cessation of movement directives.

“Mombasa is a hotspot for the covid-19 and we do not know how safe these people are. We allowed palm wine sellers to sell the wine on take away basis but the politicians said they should be left to do the business without any conditions and when they are arrested they will bail them out. This is wrong for leaders. When the diseases hits us we will all perish,” said Thethe

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire called on residents to make citizen arrest of all bodaboda riders who cross to the constituency from the neighbouring counties in search of charcoal.

Mwambire said the recklessness of the riders is a big threat to the area.

“The government has been very categorical on the cessation of movement in and out of our county. Let us not take chances. Let’s arrest them and hand them over to the police,” said Mwambire

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi banned the sale of the local wine within the county.

Ganze sub county police commander Timothy Muasya said those arrested will be arraigned in court.

He called on residents to notify the police when they see riders from other counties.

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