Petanguo residents want ‘immoral’ chief sacked

PetanguoKarani Kavula, an uncle to the girl

Petanguo sub location residents in Ganze sub county want the government to sack their assistant chief for immorality.

The residents accused the assistant chief of sleeping with people’s wives and school going girls.

Ganze sub county deputy county commissioner Richard Karani said the matter is under investigation.

Speaking in Petanguo on Saturday, Swaleh Kenga said the local administrator has run short of morals and he is a threat to the girls in the area.

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“We have for a long time blamed the boda boda riders for the escalating cases of teen pregnancies but now the assistant chief is more deadly to our girls than the bodaboda riders. We have gone to the DCCs office to report the matter but nothing has been done. We do not want him,” said Kenga.

Caught in the act

Last week, a Petanguo resident allegedly busted the administrator having sex with a niece in a thicket at Baraka stores near Petanguo town.

Karani Kavula an uncle to the girl said he was heading home during the night and he decided to pass by his poshomill at Baraka stores.

“On reaching the posho mill I saw the chief with the girl and he was dressing up. They both ran away and I went after him. When I caught him he said his motorbike had run out of fuel and he was waiting for the fuel. We waited but no one came. I went home and the following morning I shared the matter with the other family members where we summoned the girl and she confirmed she has an affair with the chief,” said Kavula

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Gilbert Kithi, the Petanguo assistant chief confirmed that he has been in a relationship with the girl and they were planning to get married. He denied that he was busted having sex with the girl in a thicket.

 “When the chief came he denied the allegations but when the girl testified the chief confirmed it was true and he said he is ready to marry her. The two have been in a relationship since 2016 when the girl was in primary school. She went to high school but the chief discontinued her from high school while in form one and took her to a technical college,” said Kavula


The family however declined the offer by the chief to marry the girl.

The girl said she dropped out of school due to school fees problem.

Charo Kavula, the grandfather to the girl said the two cannot get married as they are relatives.

“The mother to the girl is my daughter and was married by an uncle to the chief though they are now divorced. The two are cousins so they cannot marry,” said Charo.

Kavula said the chief’s conduct has gone overboard.

“He told us that he will marry the girl under whatever circumstances. He said he is ready to pay for any traditional ritual that will make them get married. He said even if she gets married to another man he will still come back to him,” added Kavula.

Benedict Chengo, another resident said the chief committed an incest and should be prosecuted.

“As residents we rejected his appointment to the position because he had raped a girl. We protested but the government insisted he will be our assistant chief. I have seen three marriages break up because of the chief. He even broke my brother’s marriage after he started an affair with his wife. Our girls are no longer safe,” said Chengo

Chengo said many girls in Petanguo are pregnant but the assistant chief is not concerned.

“The president said chiefs should look for the defilers but our chief is doing nothing about it. If he is a perpetrator what do you expect?” asked Chengo

Sauti ya wanawake Ganze sub county chairperson Judith Uchi said many chiefs in the area are perpetrators of gender based violence.

“We have recorded over four cases in Ganze where chiefs defile girls and fornicate with people’s wives. The chiefs always have a way of getting away with these cases through their seniors. Even village elders do not want to report the cases as the chiefs are perpetrators too,” said Uchi

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