Paul Mackenzie and co-accused to remain behind bars for 47 days more

Paul Mackenzie

Controversial pastor Paul Mackenzie and his 27 co-accused will be detained for a further 47 days, a Shanzu Court has ruled.

Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda on Thursday ruled that it is not reasonable to release the suspects before conducting a background check.

Mackenzie and his co-accused have already spent more than 90 days in dentention.

Last Tuesday, the Director of Public Prosecution filed an application to continue holding Mackenzie and his co-accused for further seven weeks to allow police to finish their investigation.

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Paul Mackenzie’s lawyer Wycliff Makasembo dismissed the application, saying the Prosecution had failed to charge his clients.

Shikanda however, said the DPP had submitted that Paul Mackenzie and some of his co-accused have no known fixed abode other than Shakahola, which has since been declared a disturbed scene.

“Where will they go to if released on bail or bond terms?,” asked Shikanda.

He said he finds merit in the application by the DPP, therefore allowing police to hold the suspect for another 47 days.

“The 47 days of detention will start on August 2,” he said.

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