Pastor Ezekiel rescues starving Kilifi residents

pastor Ezekiel

Popular Televangelist Ezekiel Oduor has distributed relief food to thousands of starving Kilifi residents.

On Monday, Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro accompanied Televangelist Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre for a food distribution exercise in different parts of the county targeting the most hit areas of Malindi, Magarini and Ganze.

Pastor Ezekiel through his followers had donated maize flour, beans and cooking oil worth more than Sh13 million.

The food ration was given to residents in drought-stricken areas of Kakoneni, Girimacha, Chakama, Bofu, Mrima wa Ndege and Kavunzoni in Jilore ,Adu and Bamba wards.

While addressing the residents Pastor Ezekiel said, he was touched by the plight of Kilifi people after the media highlighted a boy sleeping in class after going hungry for two days.

“Following what we saw on television about the suffering of the Kilifi people, I mobilized friends, and my worshippers that we should donate and give meals to our starving people in Kilifi. We have brought in 4,000 bales of maize flour, 1,000 cartons of cooking oil and 750 bags of beans. Apart from the word of God, people must eat to remain healthy. We shall continue to partner with the county government until the situation stabilizes,” he said.

Addressing the residents at Kakoneni in Jilore ward, Governor Mung’aro thanked Pastor Ezekiel for his swift move on the hunger situation when he contacted him for support.

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“The current hunger situation is disturbing. We have about 72,000 families facing starvation and if the situation is not controlled before December, the number might ride to more than 100,000 for those affected by hunger,” he said.

The Governor said they had approached the private sector for assistance but the response has been slow, but when he approached pastor Ezekiel, his response was quick.

“When we contacted pastor Ezekiel, he swiftly responded. As a government, we are collaboratively working with the private sector, faith-based organizations, donors and stakeholders to develop and implement appropriate interventions and strategies for the ongoing drought and food crisis in our county,” he said.

Governor Mung’aro also promised Bofu residents that the water project is going to start soon as a measure to end water problem in the region.

Residents claimed that the hunger situation had worsened after going for three consecutive years without rain.

“It’s real tough and we don’t what the future holds for us. We are happy that we have received food from pastor Ezekiel and the Governor but the situation needs even more interventions,” said Kitsao Kalu.

Another Bofu resident Julius Ngombo called on the county government to address water issues in the region. Dama Charo, a village elder in Bofu, echoed his sentiment.

“We as women bear the brunt of these challenges. We walk for more than 20 kilometres to look for water in Chakama. With only a single Jerrycan even bathing becomes a challenge and you can think what the women are going through,” she said.

With elephants roaming in the thickets, it has even become dangerous for children to go to school hence affecting their education.

Adu ward MCA Samson Zia thanked Pastor Ezekiel and the Governor for the timely intervention but said that more relief food should be directed to his expansive ward.

“In this ward, we have more than 40,000 people facing starvation especially in Adu Chakama region. So as we say thank you for this relief food, we are asking for more,” said Zia.

He further called on the county government to speed up the setting of the Bofu water project as promised by the Governor.

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