[Opinion] Which way Coast politicians?


I have carefully thought about this topic and feel like sharing my thoughts.

A good number of political elites from the Coast region have for decades rode on external parties to ascend to power.

I have seen some parties come and go and they (parties) according to me do not exist for more than a decade.

Does it mean that the region cannot sustain a political party?

In-fact my thinking is that those defunct parties fade away like smoke in the sky, seeing the light of day for a brief period instead of living forever.

The political parties only exist for the period when politicians want to taste parliament and once they are in, the parties become dormant. With no focal person to steer them.

This trend has been on with some political giants trying in vain to form their parties.


Ask any politician and even any Kenyan from the Coast region and they will admit that the 2013 and 2017 elections were anchored on the ODM zone mentality.

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According to them (politicians), no other party could make you step the national assembly door if you came outside this circle.

Aspiring politicians only thought that the only way to taste the sweetness of the national assembly was through the ODM party.

This however worked for some counties in this region like Mombasa, Kilifi and, Kwale.

Aspiring politicians only then thought that the way to the august house was through ODM.

Sincerely speaking in the 2013 and 2017 General elections Mombasa Kwale and Kilifi counties saw a good number of political elites get into parliament through the ODM party.

Six Piece was a parody in the Coast region during political campaigns in the 2017 electioneering period.

Citizens were lured to vote in leaders using the six-piece narrative and what they saw in return was what I term as political immaturity in our leaders.


As we head into 2022, something strange is boiling up, quite unpredictable

The product Kenyans can now see are two big political camps, The Uhuru/Raila allies and the Ruto allies.

To me, this is a hot cake and that is why the next bunch of leaders is beyond our understanding

This makes most of the Coast politicians undecided.

Politically, this is a heavy blow to some of the coast leaders.

It is a blow first because it is a determinant factor on who politician X will be after the next general election.


Most of the constituencies in the Coast region have had only single term MP’s.

This is because Kenyans are acquainted with their electoral rights and freedoms.

They (Kenyans) will vote in a leader who is focused and willing to bring change to the community.

This is not the time when a politician would stay in parliament for three consecutive terms say 15 years. I think that time is far much gone.

For example, my constituency X has had a single term MP since the 199Os.

I cannot predict the fate of my sitting legislator but I believe Kenyan voters will decide his fate.


It is my humble advice that sitting politicians in the Coast region prepare for a bruising political battle considering the wave of political leaders in the making.

I refer to it as a tough battle because it will determine the next bunch of leaders.

And as I conclude, I want to ask the Kenyan voter to choose wise and focused leaders in 2022. 2022 is only one year shy away.

I think the Kenyan voter is tired of void promises from politician X and it is only during the election time that MY VOTE WILL DECIDE

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