Opinion: The season of political deceit is here


It has dawned on me that the political wolves are fast approaching us.

As Kenyans, we are still treated like children but without toys or goodnight milk.

Each passing day we lose a little bit more of our separate sovereign ability to determine our future.

Each day we are robbed of our resources, livelihood and even the future of our kids.

As Kenyans, we have been fooled ever since independence just only a few of us, the political elites.

They have since time immemorial amassed a lot of wealth through dubious means.

And as Kenyans, we are now feeling the pinch (political if I may say)

The same people we voted for have now turned their backs on us and it seems we are on the verge of losing the battle.


As Kenyans, we have to realize that power is vested in us through the constitution.

They depend on us Kenyans to ascend to power.

 Let us not compromise our morality, Kenyans.

They (politicians) bow down to us and we bow down to them.

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Let us stop convincing ourselves using words like he is a lesser devil or dynasty.

Sooner or later political elites are fast approaching only to sweet talk us just because of the single vote.

It is high time we value our votes. They are coming with fake promises because they understand human psychology.

Five years down the line and they will be nowhere to be found.

It is high time we elect the RIGHT CANDIDATE and not “the lesser devil”

To me it doesn’t matter who wins the next election, I’m however trying to bring back some sense of morality to our great Nation.

There is no other way where we can build our dreams and future without sound judgement and integrity.

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Peter Kombe
Peter Kombe is a Mombasa based Journalist with an eye for the unique untold human interest stories. Hobbies Reading, travelling and meeting new friends.

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