ODM disregarding Kilifi leaders-Kaloleni MP

pkKaloleni MP Paul Katana

Kaloleni MP Paul Katana has lashed at the ODM party for disregarding Kilifi leaders.

He accused ODM of giving Kilifi County a raw deal despite delivering many seats to the party in the 2017 General elections than any other County.

Speaking in Kaloleni, Katana said the party has betrayed Kilifi voters.

“ODM should stop taking us for granted. We delivered a lot for the party but now we are being mistreated. The party nominated four MCAs to the Kilifi County Assembly from Nyanza region. In Kilifi we had people who were very loyal to the party but the party decided to nominate ‘foreigners’ to the assembly,” said Katana.

He added: These people did not know even where Kilifi was. This was the first mistreatment we received from ODM and thought it would end but they are now after our leaders.

Kilifi leaders

During the elections in Kilifi County, ODM under Chairmanship of Governor Amason Kingi clinched all the seven MP seats, the governor, Senator and Woman Representative.

Out of 35 Members of County Assembly seats, ODM   won 27 of them.

Katana accused the party for planning to ‘kill’ some promising leaders from the region and attributed the expulsion of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa from the party to leaders from other counties who do not want to see a Mijikenda leader rising to political fame.

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“Jumwa has been chased away from ODM party and she is being forced to apologize for a sin she did not commit. If there is any leader who is supposed to seek for forgiveness it’s our part leader Raila Odinga for agreeing to work with someone he accused of stealing his votes. Just the other day he said Jubilee stole the election but he went ahead and gave his hand to President Uhuru Kenyatta and everything was sanitized,” he said.


He added: Raila came back after the handshake and asked us to work with Jubilee government under President Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto and that is what we are doing. We are following him. You are branded ODM betrayer if you are spotted in the company of the Deputy President. Our Secretary General should have given Raila a show cause letter for joining the government.

Katana warned that the party would suffer massive walk out in the coming elections.

 He warned of a mass boycott in Malindi in case of a by election.

“We are going to support Jumwa until the end. The people of Malindi elected her and she should be left to serve them. And if you call for a by election you will have to ferry your own people to come and vote. Jumwa will not be humiliated in our presence,” said Katana.

During the International Women’s day celebration at Ganze trading Centre Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi accused ODM party for expelling Jumwa and warned that he will not participate in any by-election in Malindi should there be one after her expulsion.

“I have a legacy to leave in Kilifi.I only have three years and I don’t have even a second to waste. I want to be left alone to concentrate and deliver to my people for this remaining time. I don’t think the many by-elections I have done and won in Kilifi will be described as my legacy,” said Kingi.

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