No trace for Cuban doctors abducted in Kenya

Cuban doctorsThe abducted Cuban doctors. Photo| COURTESY

Security agents combing Mandera County in search of abducted Cuban doctors Assel Herera Correa and Landy Rodriguez, have found no trace of their whereabouts within the county, two days after their kidnapping.

The Kenyan government deployed highly trained police and military teams to the area. Security agents now believe the armed abductors crossed over to Bula Hawa, a town in Somali where terror group al-Shabaab has a strong following.

The military has taken an active role in the investigations as the matter touches on two nations.

Fresh-trained commandos from the Long Range Surveillance (LRS) unit have taken the lead in tracing the doctors.

LRS unit specializes in difficult and secretive military missions, including gathering information behind enemy lines.

“Concerted efforts are being made for their search and rescue by a multi-agency security team. The National Security Advisory Committee has also briefed the Cabinet Secretary of Health, Interior and Defence, who remain seized of the matter,” said National Police Service spokesman Charles Owino in a statement.

The police spokesman said the government will not negotiate for a ransom with the abductors.

The Cuban doctors were abducted on Friday in a daring road ambush within Mandera County.

The gunmen shot and killed one of the police officers guarding the medics after blocking the vehicle they were travelling in.

Witnesses said the doctors were being escorted to work when two salon cars blocked their way.

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