NGOs to form committee to help registration of special needs children

Cerebral palsyA mother feeds her child who has cerebral palsy condition.

A section of Non-Governmental Organizations in Kwale county have come together to form a committee that will oversee the registration of children with special needs.

Ali Mwaziro from Kids care organisation which offers therapy to children with cerebral palsy said plans are at an advanced stage to have a committee that will fight for the rights of children with disabilities.

Mwaziro mentioned noted that several government agencies are involved in the registration of children with disability and called for the need to have an all-inclusive committee to carry out the drive.

“Like here in Kwale county, we have talked to the health executive to help us on the process. We have at least 200 children living with disabilities but there are still cases of children being locked in by their parents due to cultural beliefs,” said Mwaziro.

The move came up after the NGOs went through a six month training on how to mobilise for resources from the community.

The organisations have been taken through two major courses on local fundraising where they learnt on how to get resources from government together with mobilizing support component. The courses have been sponsored by the Kenya Community Development foundation through a programme known as Change the game academy.

The organisations have been able to identify the potentials locals have in terms of promoting development.

“Through the training, organisations have been made aware that locals are able since as community, they have shown their potential in traditional events like weddings, burial among others by contributing,” said Sharon Olaa KCDF programme officer.

Olaa said, for the six months, they have managed to improve relationships and help organization overcome community challenges which included not being appreciated for work done.

“There is a common notion about NGOs as people think they are there to embezzle funds but the change the game academy programme has helped us wash away the negative notion,” she said.

At the same time, Olaa said they took the move to ensure they complement each other as non-governmental organizations through trainings.

“We’ve been in a round table discussions and the trainings basically targets organised communities across the country which in turn we expect them to share the knowledge to others,” she said adding that they are teaching organizations not to rely much on donor support for development. Emmanuel Jilo of Malindi Education and Development foundation cautioned locals against negative attitude towards non-governmental organisation saying their main aim is to enlighten them on how to access resources to tackle problems within the society

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