Nepotism and Graft Eroding Public Trust-Mudavadi


Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has cited nepotism and graft as some of the vices that have eroded public trust in government coffers.

He says the ongoing scams in public coffers underrate government performance leading to public mistrust.

The ANC party leader further adds that the government has failed to act on national reports which he claims further erodes public trust.

He was speaking at the sidelines of an Institute of certified accountants of Kenya conference in a Mombasa hotel on Tuesday.

 “Public trust has been eroded in this country by the nepotistic nature of our leaders, corruption and failure by the government to act on some reports,” said Mudavadi.

The former deputy prime minister further lashed out at the civil society on claims of going silent on matters of national concern.

Mudavadi also asked the government to adequately fund graft fighting agencies including the office of the director of public prosecutions ODPP among other agencies.

“The country is shy of supporting graft combating agencies. These institutions should be adequately funded to address this problem,” said Mudavadi.

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 The ANC leader also lashed out at the government on claims of failing to complete some of the mega development projects initiated by the jubilee administration.

He cites misappropriation of funds by a section of government officers towards the stalled projects.

“There are dozens of stalled projects that the jubilee government initiated. Some of them do not even exist. People received commission upfront, noted the former prime minister.

According to Musalia, Kenya a longer loan repayment period say 40 years which he adds has a lower interest rate of one percent.

On the issue of public debt, Mudavadi said the party has sponsored a public debt management bill geared towards managing public debt.

“Kenya takes loans whose repayment period is as short as 15 years. These loans interests’ rates are high about 7 percent,”

Concerning the BBI Mudavadi adds that the document is not to be blamed insisting that the debt has been skyrocketing even before the BBI report.

Meanwhile, Nambale Legislator Sakwa Bunyasi notes that the country now needs to ensure loans borrowed do not push the government to increase the mode of taxation.

According to the MP, interests rates that financiers of megaprojects slap on borrowed funds are too heavy.

“I have sponsored a public debt management authority bill aimed at establishing an authority to regulate how the state borrows money. This is to cushion the public from excess debt,” said the lawmaker.

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