NCCK warns against changing 2022 general elections date

general elections

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) coast region conference has urged Kenyans to resist any attempts to change the 2022 general elections.

Speaking to journalists at Pwani University on Tuesday, NCCK Chairperson Bishop Peter Mwero of the PEFA Church said the constitution should not be tampered with at a whim to satisfy political interests.

“The elections should be held as constitutionally scheduled. Let no one plan to violate the constitution in any way because of their interests, even by stopping the  2022 General Elections as planned,” said Mwero.

Mwero said both state and non-state actors have commenced preparations for the 2022 general elections and they should not be interfered with. 

He advised Kenyans to take note of individuals or political formations that incite violence or hire militia groups to disrupt the elections.

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“As the nation prepares for the elections, we recall the trauma of election-related violence that our people have experienced in the past, we do not wish to go through a similar experience again. Anyone who uses force to impose himself or herself on the community should be rejected by all,” he said.

He called upon the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), the National Police Service (NPS) the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and the National Steering Committee on Peace-Building and Conflict Management, to join hands with the church to promote cohesion and peace.

“We condemn the emerging trend where politicians are inciting violence between the rich and the poor, as well as engaging in ethnicity and religious-based political mobilization,” said Bishop Mwero.

NCCK also said the Clergy will not allow politicians to conduct their campaigns in churches.

This is among some of the resolutions by the church to safeguard the pulpit.

Reverend Ephraim Mbugua of the PCEA church said politicians should attend church like any other worshippers.

“It is not bad for politicians to come to church attend the service like any other worshiper. Let them give out their tithe and sacrifice of any amount which is not announced in public, and leave for their homes. They should not use their money to mutilate the pulpit,” said Mbugua.

Mwero added that churches that are members of NCCK will not ask for donations from politicians.

“We have committed ourselves to safeguard the pulpit by not allowing politicians and aspirants to campaign to congregations during worship services. For this reason, we will avoid asking for donations from the politicians and aspirants so that they don’t claim the right to address the congregations,” said Bishop Mwero.

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