Nakuru couple in mourning after Quintuplets die


The Quintuplets born to a youthful Nakuru couple on Tuesday evening have died.

Nakuru Level V Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Aisha Maina confirmed the news of their passing on.

The babies were on incubators after being born preterm.

They were delivered at seven months. The four girls and one boy weighed between 500 grams and 650 grams at birth.

“At this birth weight, chances of survival are slim since even the internal organs are not full developed,” said the Superintendent.

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Kenyans took to social media to congratulate the parents Simon Ndung’u Kinyanjui and his wife Margaret Wairimu.

Kinyanjui said he was “thankful to God for being given this chance.”

” I thank God for giving me this chance because there are many people who are trying to get babies day and night. Some steal, others go to witches, but I have been given by God for free,” he said outside the Margaret Kenyatta Mother Baby Wing of Nakuru Level V Hospital.

This is not the first time that birth of quintuplets was being recorded in Kenya. In April 2021, Douglas Nyaoko and Sellah Nyanchera welcomed five babies at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

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