My resolve to fight for the Coast region is unshaken, says MP Baya after suspension from ODM’s NEC


The suspension from ODM’s National Executive Committee will not change my resolve to fight for the coast region, Kilifi north MP Owen Baya has said.

The MP said his firm stand on matters that affect the coast region is the main reason he was removed from the ODM’s governing body.

“I have distinguished myself as one who speaks his mind on matters national and which have specific bearing on the Coast and which have made my ODM colleagues uncomfortable hence the action.  Unfortunately I will continue to do so unflinchingly do so for I am not ready to be anybody’s cow. I have always been forthright in my thoughts and for now I do not think ODM NEC has room for my Political and Social Economic ideas about the Coast Region and how it should be treated by the party,” said Baya

The MP said his woes in the party deepened when he publicly criticised Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.

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“On Thursday while in parliament, a senior member of the party called me and told me that they would punish me for publicly criticising Gov. Ali Hassan Joho in a viral video about poverty at the coast and also for not supporting Baba on the revenue allocation formula when I issued a statement at parliament on our opposition to the formula and finally on my being outspoken on how the party is treating matters as important as the port at the coast region. She told me that my ideas are against party policy on matters of the Port of Mombasa, BBI, Land issues and the Msambweni By election.  I have no regrets whatsoever on taking the position I take on matters that touch on the Coast and the Coast people in general,” he added

Baya said the move to suspend him from the position will not kill him as it killed Msambweni MP Suleiman Dori.

“I want to be very categorical that their action will not kill me the way their actions and frustrations to my friend the late Hon. Suleiman Dori took him to the grave. The death of Suleiman Dori lies squarely in the hands of ODM frustrations through careless and thoughtless actions as these. The mishandling of Hon. Dori by ODM because of Dori’s friendship to the Deputy President no doubt led him to his death,” said Baya

The legislator said he would still champion for the interests of the region despite the ouster from the two key positions in the party.

“I am a diehard crusader of Ronald Ngala politics and I will continue to champion the agenda of the Coast People to be party to a political vehicle going forward that champions the ideals that our forefathers at the Coast Region taught us”


Baya denied that he is a member of the Tanga tanga team but warned that it is slowly changing the political landscape of the country

“Though I am not a member of the fast growing Tanga Tanga brigade, I find it important to put it on record that ODM as a party needs to know that the Tanga Tanga tag is no longer and it stopped being a doomsday label for politicians. It’s actually gaining traction.  As I exit NEC my unsolicited advice is that the Party needs to find a way to re -invent itself in the Class politics that is shaping the national discourse and gaining traction,” he said

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