Mwauga residents sleep in the cold after eviction


Over 200 locals at Mwauga in Kikoneni-Lunga Lunga Sub County have spent the night in the cold for the second day after an alleged Moi era land officer demolished their houses claiming ownership of four parcels of land.

The angry residents demonstrated in Kikoneni calling on the government to intervene and ensure they are not harassed by the alleged land owner.

The land include Kwale /Bumbani C 323,324,326 and 812 which the tycoon is said to have allocated himself while serving as land officer in 1984 according to the residents.

According to documents available the then Kwale land officer double issued himself the title deeds of the parcels of land on 8/1/1976 and 20/11/2008 a move that is raising suspicion among the locals being evicted.

Led by Paul Jumbe the residents said that they have lived there for a long time and wondered how the purported land owner got title of the land that their grand-grandfathers lived and developed.

“We know he was a land officer in 1974 when he was assigned to do adjudication of land in this area and instead of allocating the land to genuine residents he allocated to himself,” claimed Jumbe.

Elena Matete said that their children cannot go to school because their uniforms and books were destroyed during the demolition incident which was done under police watch.

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She said that they have nowhere to sleep with their children while asking the government to intervene urgently.

Rashid Omar, 70, wondered which law the man was using to evict them ruthlessly from their ancestral land calling for justice.

“We want justice because our property was destroyed, let him be forced to compensate us,” he said.

Kassim Rashid a pupil at Vwivwini primary school said he was shocked to find out that their houses were demolished with uniforms and books during the incident forcing him to remain at home.

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“Food crops were destroyed, houses and many things we have nowhere to sleep now,” he noted.

Mchonga Daniel said that they have lost property worth millions of shillings including houses, food and cash crops, as well as animals that were affected.

Masudi Rashid blamed local leaders for failing to act and help them as they continue to spend the night in the cold.

Makonde community chairperson Thomas Nguli condemned the incident and called on the government to act urgently to save the situation.

“They need food and shelter, they sleep outside because houses were destroyed and we wonder why the person used police. Who allowed him to have government machinery to intimidate innocent locals?” he posed.

Nguli called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to follow up the issue and ensure those given responsibilities to protect Kenyans play their role.

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