Mvurya warns Kwale leaders to keep off tribal politics

MVURYAKwale Governor Salim Mvurya speaks to residents at Kinango secondary school during the World disability day.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has warned politicians against early campaigns and urged leaders to focus on development.

The two major tribes of Digo and Duruma have started governorship campaign in earnest apparently each for their preferred candidate.

The Digo are fronting deputy governor Fatuma Achani and Durumas are fronting Speaker Sammy Ruwa to take over from Mvurya.

This has brought divisions among the two majority tribes in the county with Mvurya warning such divisions are not productive for the region.

“I am still the governor up to 2022, am not going anywhere neither will I lose relevance after my last term. So keep it calm. Kwale people will decide on who is suitable to take over from me when the time comes based on a leader’s manifesto,” he said.

Mvurya condemned any behaviours that might trigger violence in Kwale thus calling upon residents to shun ethnical divisions.

He said, a leader for the county should be elected based on development and not from a superior community.

“Kwale hosts almost all Kenyan tribes, we cannot just decide on who should be the governor based on the majority communities. For the five years, I have tried to transform this county with uplifting the education standards but we are still at 70 percent poverty and ethnic politics will drag us behind,” said Mvurya.

Mvurya said on Wednesday that Kwale people should safeguard their country by avoiding tribal and ethnic division that can send the country into turmoil.

The governor also supported the move to empower women in leadership saying Kwale is not any different asking leaders to fight for the passing of the two-third gender rule.

“We have women governors in Kenya and also women presidents in other countries. I wonder when some politicians are disregarding women who have shown interest in politics,” he said.

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