Muthama sneaks out as police disrupt UDA meeting in Mombasa

UDANyali Sub county police commander Daniel Masaba orders UDA aspirants out of the meeting venue in Mombasa on Thursday

United Democratic Alliance chairman Johnstone Muthama on Thursday fled from a Mombasa hotel when police officers disrupted an UDA meeting.

Muthama quietly left the Terrace Villas Resort while UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina was speaking after he got wind that police officers were heading to the venue

Moments after he left, Nyali subcounty police commander Daniel Masaba arrived in the company of over 20 police officers and ordered everybody out.

The meeting was being attended by aspirants and supporters of the party which is linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

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The attendants were drawn from all the six counties of the Coast region.

The aspirants hurriedly took the food that had been prepared for them and left.

Masaba said they will arrest the manager of the premises as the police had not been informed of the meeting.

“No gathering of people like this is allowed, especially political meeting,” said Masaba.

Party Secretary-General Veronica Maina said this is the second time their meeting is being disrupted.

“We were less than 100 people and it was a private meeting. Why would the police disrupt it?” said Maina.

Muthama said despite the challenges they are facing from the government, UDA is getting stronger.

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